Chilled Cow Endless Playlist

Chilled Cow Endless Playlist


Meet 18 year old Helgi Price from Nottingham, England.
I’m currently attending Junior college in Akureyri. I love to listen to music, go on hikes, and take my dog on walks. During the summer I like to drive around, talk, and just have a good time.  I attend festivals that might be in other towns, such as Lunga which amongst other things is a small music festival in Seyðisförður."

What music did you grow up listening to?

My grandfather and I were very close, I often used to stay at my grandparents and there I mostly listened to Jazz and what was on the radio. Once I grew older I started practicing the Saxophone and still do to this day, so Jazz would be in the top of my list.

I also have two older siblings, so I listened to music they would play.

I love all genres, even country music to some extent, except for one, that would be Opera.


Name 3 artist dead or alive you would like to meet and why?

Frank Sinatra, I am such a nostalgic guy, I love the 1940’s, 50’s, 60’s and wish I could have experienced some days in those era’s.


Bryson Hall, better known as Logic. His music is phenomenal! His lyrics are touching and I know a few people he’s really helped with his art.


Last but definitely not least would be Post Malone. I have so many memories I can relate to his music, good and bad. His music always takes me to a place, might be the same place or a different but it always touches the right places.


Which is the most memorable show you’ve been to?

I went to see Black Veil Brides in Denmark a few years ago. The show was great, I loved the venue, not too big yet not too small and I caught a guitar pick either from their guitarist Jinxx or the bassist Ashley Purdy.


However I will be attending a Post Malone concert in Edinburgh three weeks from now and I think he will take the cake.

Which songs have you had on repeat?

I’ve constantly been listening to “i’m so tired” - Lauv, Troye Sivan. I’m a huge fan of Troye’s and this song just ohh my gawd!

Other song’s I’ve played over and over would be “Ongoing things” - 20syl, Oddisee, “Bonbon” - Era Istrefi, and “Paramedic” - from the Black Panther Soundtrack. These are only three songs of the many I have played on repeat.


Do you play any instruments?

I’ve played Alto saxophone since I was seven. I practiced the piano and guitar for 2 years each but quit both of them - which i regret with all of my heart. I’ve recently taken up practicing through Yousician on the guitar and plan on starting a course on piano as well.

Most of the songs or artist I’ve mentioned here aren’t in the slightest related to lofi music or chill hop. However that is my most frequently played music, I play it whenever, wherever, when I study and when I feel like I need music in my life.

And so I want to mention two of my favourite if not my favourite songs from that Genre. “So in Love” - Brock Berrigan and “OdeToYou” - Flitz&Suppe.

These songs have a special place in my heart.