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Chill Music Gaming


Meet Martin, a 20 year old Spotify playlist curator from Oslo, Norway.
“I made this playlist because I wanted to have a place where I could find all the music I listen to while gaming.”

Who is your favorite artist?

I actually don't have a favorite artist, but I like a lot. Some of my favorites in different genres are: Avenged Sevenfold, Illenium, Post Malone, Demetori, My Chemical Romance and Unlike Pluto.


What's your favorite concert you've been to?

I have never been to a concert but i would love to go to one.


Do you play any instruments? If not, is there one you would like to learn?

I don't play any but I would really like to learn the piano.


What artist (dead or alive) had the biggest impact on your life?

I don't think a single artist left a big impact on me but Linkin Park was a band I listened to a lot when I was younger.


Name the last album you purchased?

I have never bought an album, I have used Spotify since it came out so I find all my music there.