Chill Music by CloudCity

Chill Music by CloudCity


Meet Kiarash, 22 years old from Toronto, Canada.
“I made this playlist because I wanted to share my late night drive music”

What is the soundtrack to your life? 

The Weeknd Starboy was a great time in my life and will always hold a special place in my heart.


What’s more important to you? Music; or Lyrics? Why?  

Definitely a tough question to answer. You need both to make it work.. I've heard many tracks that sound good but without genuine, vulnerable lyrics they can lose taste, same goes the other way. But don't get me wrong, hype tracks to bump to while driving dont really need the lyrics lol


Favorite artist? Top 5?  

The Weeknd Starboy was one of my favorite albums, anything with a gloomy but upbeat vibe always does well in my books. I never call favorites cause they change so often and I find gems from unknown artists all the time.


If you had the chance to interview an artist, who would it be? (Dead or alive) and why? 

The Weeknd tbh just love the whole aesthetic behind the artist and what XO has created. I'm also from Toronto so my appreciation for what they've done in my city is always special.


Last concert? 

A$AP Rocky