Canton Pop

Canton Pop


Meet Chan, a 22 year old Spotify playlist curator from Nagoya, Japan..
“I made this just to compile a bunch of pop and canton pop songs. There’s over 700 songs on my playlist ! ”


Tell me a little about yourself - Do you make music? Why do you love music? 

 I do not make music, but I love listening to music because it shows people’s creativeness

What is the best concert you have attended? 

 I went to a festival in Hong Kong that was great

Name a song that has been on 'repeat' 

 Bad day by AGA

Name an artist that you have just discovered 


If you were an artist, who would you love to collaborate and make music with? 

 Probably Dear Jane

What song do you know the words to, but hate to listen to? 

This Stephy Tang song - Don’t remember the title but know all the words haha