Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild


Meet Tyler of the band WILD, a 25 year old musician and Spotify playlist curator from the United States..
“To showcase all my favorite songs/artists to people.”


Tell me a little about yourself - Do you make music? Why do you love music? 

 I make music because it’s what I’ve always been drawn towards. I love music and what it does to our brains.

What is the best concert you have attended? 

 Sigur ros In 2012 in St. Paul, MN

Name a song that has been on 'repeat' 

 Leon’s “Falling”

Name an artist that you have just discovered 

 Gia Margaret

Who would you love to collaborate and make music with? 

 Novo Amor or Sigur Ros

What song do you know the words to, but hate to listen to? 

Brittney Spears’s Toxic