Beach Country 2019☀️🍹🍺

Beach Country 2019☀️🍹🍺


Meet Nick Peters, a 21-year-old from Buffalo, NY.
“I made this playlist before a trip to Florida. Now I listen to it whenever I want to be on vacation in my head.”

What music did you grow up listening to as a young kid?

I grew up to all kinds of music. My parents listen to a lot of classic/southern rock and when I discovered country when I was 12 it became my favorite genre.


Name one of your favorite albums of all time?

Foundation- Zac Brown Band


What is the best concert you’ve ever been to?

U2- The Joshua Tree Tour


Name your top 3 favorite artists and why?

Zac Brown Band, Kenny Chesney, and Jimmy Buffett. People know them for their feel-good tropical songs, but they also have songs that tell stories and make you feel. They are genuine people who create amazing music.


What is your favorite quote?

“It’s 5 o’clock somewhere”