Audiophile Test Music

Audiophile Test Music


Meet Ben, from Amsterdam currently traveling South America.
“I made this in 2013 for myself. I wanted a playlist of all the best recordings of my favorite songs.”


What music did you listen to growing up?

My mom listened to the Offspring, Nirvana, and Metallica so listened to a lot of metal. Limp Bizkit was my hero! Then I started listening to Top 40 when I was a little bit older. In university, I got into techno.


What is more important to you? Music or lyrics?

Even though I like to sing, I would say music because I really like techno, and I can never remember the lyrics.


What are some of your favorite songs of all time?

Aura and Opal by Bicep, and a lot of songs by Four Tet, The Unforgiven by Metallica, Four Seasons by Vivaldi.


If you could interview any artist, dead or alive, who would you choose?

Bicep, they make all their electronic music live.


What’s one of the best concerts you’ve been to?

Limp Bizkit, Bicep, and Kendrick Lamar at Lowlands Festival.