American Top 40 Charts (Updated Continuously)

American Top 40 Charts (Updated Continuously)


Meet Onur.
“When Spotify first launched in the US, I had trouble finding a unified way to listen to the currently charting/trending songs of the moment, regardless of genre/musical style. So I created a playlist that satisfied this need. Over the years, the playlists have evolved to incorporate data from multiple charting sources, the biggest of which, gave them their current names.”


Music that I grew up listening to as a kid

I mostly grew up listening to Turkish Pop & Folk Music, as this was what my parents mainly listened to in the car, & purchased CDs for. When I received my first cellular phone and iPod touch, around the age of 13, only then did I start to get into other genres/musical styles. This initially included Pop & Country Music.

Instrument that I play

I play the guitar, after having taken lessons for it all throughout Middle School. An instrument that I wish I could play, would be the piano.

Do I have a life slogan?

To focus on the past, and/or the present are equally important. But neither will matter, if you're kept from a bright future.

Name one of your all time favorite albums

Dance With My Father by Luther Vandross.  It was more than likely, the first American release, which my dad introduced to me when I was younger.