Alternative Folk Indie

Alternative Folk Indie


Meet Marvin Tolete, a 29 year old Spotify playlist curator from the Philippines.
“I started compiling these songs about two years ago and it was inspired during the saddest moments of my life, these songs helped me to relax and get back up. It’s amazing how songs have this incredible impact in our lives which I never realized until I reached rock bottom. I give credits to all the artists who worked with these masterpieces, they don’t have any idea how their music help me through and also with other people.”


What music did you grow up listening to? What influenced your taste in music?

I grew up listening to almost every music available but I love local folk music in my country due to its ethnic vibe. I love the rawness of sound coming from imperfectly crafted musical instruments from way long ago, there is something in it that is unique. In terms of taste in music, I try to listen to songs that I really love and enjoy but it is a plus if they use strings and running bass with some unique melody and  truth in it.


Is there an artist you haven't seen live that you would like to? Why them?

I want to see Dustin Tebbutt, Kevin Morby, Bear’s Den, The Paper Kites, & Lord Huron. I love how insane their level of creativity, the way they arranged their piece with so many things happening in it, sound is coming from any direction with various highs an lows and bass running down melodically while the singer trows his message. It so complex but the artists managed to give justice and unity in general. I hear balance, rhythm, proportion, harmony, contrast, & character in their music.

Are there any new artists that you're currently listening to that everyone should know about?

I’m currently listening to Austin Basham, Bayonne, and Josh Garrels, I hope this kind of music gets to people.

Is there anything else we should know about you?

I’m an architect and currently practicing in the Philippines. Music is an integral part of my creative process, whenever I do sketches I always play music in the background. It helps me to relax  and think of new ideas. I believe that music has a relationship with architecture, as the famous 18th century writer Goethe said "Music is liquid architecture; Architecture is frozen music”.