Alexed's A-List - Popmuzik

Alexed's A-List - Popmuzik


Meet Johan, a 45 year old Spotify playlist curator from Gotehnburg, Sweden.
“The playlist been around for quite some time now. As an Apple fanboy the playlist was called iToppen in the beginning, to reference to the iPod / iTunes names, and this being a list of top hits more or less I found it suitable. After a while the playlist turned into Alexed's A-List. I guess it was for making it all a bit more personal. Anyway. The playlist is showcasing the best pop songs out there at the moment and very much connected to the songs I write about in my music blog Basically Alexed's A-List is a playlist with songs I personally want to listen to. So I have more focus on the pop music songs and less focus on the hip-hop and R&B stuff, even though those can end up there too if they have a pop vibe to them.”


What kind of music/artists did you grow up listening to?

I was kind of late into the pop music game actually. Loved instrumental songs and listen a lot to movie score and instrumental artists like Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis when I was a teenager. But after a while that shifted to pop music - still very much synth and electronic pop music though, which is kind of the solid base of my music taste today.

Who are your all-time favorite artists and why?

Pet Shop Boys. They can write great pop songs and both make them over the top and camp, and at the same time make them feel melancholy.

Name a song (or songs) you have listened to on repeat –

The way it used to be (Pet Shop Boys)

Any interesting artist(s) you've just started listening to recently?

I find so many great artists almost every week. But Patrick and his Psychedelic love storm that I discovered quite recently was amazing. If I should name drop some I would say Nicopop, Thomston and Natalie Shay.

Tell us about you! Occupation, hobbies, interests, a quote, your site, etc. -- anything you want to add to introduce yourself at the top of your post!

I'm a music blogger from Gothenburg in Sweden. I run the site where I every day write about new music with focus on new songs and artists. Together with the blog I also have a podcast (Popmuzik Popcast) where I interview artists that I invite home to my apartment to talk about them and their music. Besides the music I love making photos and always take my camera with me when I go out. So I try to keep myself creative.