Alcatrap | House, Bass House, G House, Trap, and Dubstep!

Alcatrap | House, Bass House, G House, Trap, and Dubstep!


Meet Anthony, a 23 year old Spotify playlist curator from South Lake Tahoe…
“My name is Anthony Sceam I'm a House/Bass Music producer from California. I've been heavily involved in many aspects of the Electronic Music Industry for the past 5 years and don't plan on stopping anytime soon.”

When & why did you make your playlist?

I started this playlist at the beginning of 2019. The goal of this playlist was to spread Bass Music more on Spotify. This is an up and coming genre on Spotify. Small and large artists alike need more outlets to promote quality Bass Music on this platform. I'll be continuing to support the best Bass Music around on this playlist!

Making sure resources were available to talented producers of any size has always been very important to me throughout my career. With the boom of Spotify over the past 2 years I knew it was an important platform to start growing. That's why I made the Alcatrap Playlist!


Describe your playlist. Perfect situation(s) for jamming include:

The Alcatrap playlist is heavily centered around heavier forms of Electronic Bass Music. It's a heavy playlist perfect for getting wild at parties, in your car, working out, gaming, or anything else you need nice heavy bass for.


What was the best concert you've ever attended and why? (Include as many details as you'd like: city / venue / when / with whom...)

I had the privilege of seeing Skrillex on his Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites tour in Reno NV as my first electronic event at a young age. It was at this event I realized I had to learn more about this type of music. The huge energy I felt at that show inspired me to start learning to DJ, Produce, and follow my career path in Electronic Music.


What kind of music / artists did you grow up listening to?

I take heavy inspiration from a lot of old school Hip Hop/rap in my production and have always listened to a combination of 80s/90s east coast hip hop and heavier bass music. G House is one of my favorite genres as it's a perfect combination of my favorite types of music.


Who are your all-time favorite artists and why?

This is a hard one. If I had to pick I'd probably go for an artist from each of my favorite types of music. I'd have to go Nas and Skrillex as they were the first artists I really got into from a young age. Both of them bringing a more underground sound to the mainstream and being able to pursue absolutely HUGE careers even thought they started with a more underground sound. My tastes have evolved quite a bit since those days but they still both hold a special place in my heart with their older tracks.