AJR - Weak

AJR - Weak


Meet Selena, 20 years old from Michigan!
“This playlist really just started because I wanted to sort my music so each one correlates to a feeling I had. Some of them have similar songs but I'll make another one anyways because I feel like the me of the past that made that playlist isn't the same as me now. As for AJR - Weak I just liked AJR and listened to their song radio, adding songs I liked to the playlist as I went!”


What is the soundtrack to your life?

Right now, idontwannabeyouanymore - Billie Eilish


Top 5 Favorite Artists? 

Gosh this is so hard for me cuz I have so many from all kinds of genres:

1) Billie Eilish & Khalid

2) Elita 

3) Gabbie Hannah

4) Melanie Martinez

5) The Neighbourhood


If you had the chance to interview any artist, who would it be, and why?(Dead or Alive) 

Either Chester Charles Bennington (lead vocalist of Linkin Park) because he was such an inspiration to me and his music really helped me at certain times. 


The whole Big Bad Voodoo Daddy band to ask them what their inspiration was for Mr. Heatmiser, as it is a favorite of mine and my dad.


Current favorite song? 

As of yesterday it's Lalala - Y2K, bbno$


Last concert you attended? 

I've actually never been to a concert before unless you count band concerts in high school 😂😂


What’s more important to you Music or Lyrics? Why? 

Music, I prefer feeling the music first and letting my body learn it before my mind does.