Air Castle

Air Castle


Meet Felix, 26 years old from Sweden.
“I can be a dreamer, zone out and float away. My goal with this playlist is to create a portal to a place where dreams and memories flourish. The love really struck for this kind of dreamy music when I was watching the TV on mute as BBC Planet Earth was running along with the rhythm of music from my speakers. It was extremely soothing to watch; the feeling was incredible. Hence this playlist arose.”


Name one of your favorite albums of all time?

On the top of my mind, there are four albums to mention. But I'll go for one that used to put on and could listen to for hours back when it came out in May 2017. I'm talking about 'come out, you're hiding' by flor. I came across flor immediately after its release thanks Spotify who featured their song "heart" on my Discover Weekly. The vocals from Zach stands out from others and the whole sound of flor brings adventurous vibes. The three others that came to mind was 'twelvefour' by The Paper Kites, 'Hurry Up We're Dreaming' by M83 and 'Black Bear' by Andrew Belle. But these three artists are my favorites and will get mentioned below.


Name your top 3 favorite artist and why?

Andrew Belle - Oh boy, the sound he provides - one just cannot get enough of it. The album I just briefly mentioned (Black Bear) is outstanding and he has succeeded so well. It consists of songs with influences from M83, Beach House, James Blake and Washed Out; so what happens when an artist with a unique dreamy sound mixes these incredible artists together? Well, you get songs like "Dark Matter", "Sister", "The Enemy" and "Pieces". The Paper Kites -  Some might only know The Paper Kites by their most famous song "Bloom", however     - it's by far not the best. This band has the one song that I'd say is the best in the world from the recent era that I know others will back me up on. Take a listen to "Electric Indigo" and tell me what you think. Other phenomenal songs are "Revelator Eyes", "Flashes" and others. Simply, one should explore them. Incredible vibes are upon you. M83 - I built my playlist around "Wait" by M83, which meant setting the standard pretty high. I felt like putting another less know artist into the light here, but I'd lie if I didn't mention M83, it was simply inevitable. There's no other artist like this. A song from someone else that reminds the most of M83 is "Eyes Wide Open" by Tony Anderson. If you haven't already listened to M83, I recommend "Intro", "Holes in the Sky", "Wait" and "Don't Save Us From the Flames"


What is your favorite quote?

It's better to do it than to talk about how perfect it could be.


What artist, dead or alive, who would you interview and why?

I'm gonna say Yuno. He didn't release anything new for almost 5 years - so I'm interested in his goals for life today. I randomly wrote to him on February 19th 2018 ask if there were ever more music to be seen, two days later my wish was granted; 'No Going Back' was released and is now his biggest song. The sound of Yuno is one of the sounds that fits my playlist the best. Weird enough, I thought of Ed Sheeran too. Not because of his music, but I find his story touching and him to be a person with both feet on the ground. He seems like a genuinely nice guy and I believe we'd get along great. But as I like to promote lesser known artists, Ed Sheeran is extremely rare on my playlists today.


Do you play any instruments? If no, which instrument do you wish you could play?

I played drums when I was younger. Tried to learn the guitar, but my motivation was shattered when I came to the realization of how poorly I sang.