Afterski 2019!!!⛷

Afterski 2019!!!⛷


Meet Michael, 34 years old from Norway
“The playlist started as a joke where I just added all the funny and happy songs I heard at different afterskis in Norway. Now I just keep on adding songs in the same genre that puts a smile on my face :)”


What is the soundtrack to your life?

Michael Kiwanuka - "Cold Little Heart"


Favorite artist?

No favorite. There are too many geniuses for me to pick only one.


If you had the chance to interview an artist, who would it be? (Dead or alive)

Johannes Sebastian Bach


What is the best concert you have ever been to?

Michael Jackson, Oslo Norway 1997


Do you have a favorite quote?

There’s so many! "Youth is wasted on the young." is one of them


Do you play any instruments? 

I play the Piano


Do you have a life slogan?

Live and love


What is the most annoying song in the world?

Ylvis - "The Fox”


What’s more important to you? Music; or Lyrics? Why?

It’s in the music you’ll find the details. And it’s is also where you usually find the art, in my opinion