Acoustic Covers

Acoustic Covers


Sing2Music is a music platform based in Australia that creates acoustic backing tracks and provides artists with the opportunity to showcase their talent by performing covers and sharing them with the world.

When was sing2music created?

Sing2Music was created in 2015. Prior to this, we had been operating as Sing2Piano and Sing2Guitar (since 2010). You can still find these separate channels on YouTube and streaming services (etc.), however they now operate from underneath the umbrella of Sing2Music.


Why did you decide to make all these playlists?

We initially started making playlists that just featured our acoustic backing tracks as a way for people to browse our catalog. As more artists started to use our backing tracks for their covers, we began to develop our ‘Acoustic Covers’ playlist. In the beginning, we only featured artists on this playlist that had used our backing tracks for their cover. Since then it has evolved into an all-encompassing playlist that includes all kinds of quality and vibey acoustic covers. We just love hearing other people’s creative arrangements and we wanted to compile our absolute favourite acoustic covers into one convenient place from artists all over the world.


How do these playlists play a role in your company?

Primarily we use these playlists to express our love of acoustic music and share that with the world. We also want it to become a platform that can be used to support artists and musicians who are creating amazing acoustic covers and who deserve to receive recognition for their talent!


What benefits have you found from playlisting?

We are still in the early days of playlisting, but we hope that it becomes an easy way for people to find new music and new artists that they love. We also want to make people aware of how easy it can be create to their own #sing2music covers! We sprinkle a few covers throughout the playlist from artists who make amazing covers with Sing2Piano and Sing2Guitar backing tracks. Playlisting is a great way to build community and appreciation of music by highlighting niche styles and moods. The Sing2Music community is a very supportive one and we see this as a way we can give back by providing some deserved exposure for their hard work and beautiful music.

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