A S T A R O T H's ⛩ c h i l l 『チル ラジオ』

A S T A R O T H's ⛩ c h i l l 『チル ラジオ』


Meet Vania, a 20 year old Spotify playlist curator from Santiago, Chile.
“I created it about two years ago, because a lot of people asked me for chill music recommendations”

Describe your playlist. Perfect situation(s) for jamming it include:

Chill beats


What kind of music/artists did you grow up listening to? 

r&b, disco, pop punk


Any interesting artist(s) you've just started listening to recently?



Tell us about you! Occupation, hobbies, interests, a quote, your site, etc. -- anything you want to add to introduce yourself at the top of your post!

I'm a tattoo artist!!