• The Bad Touch
    Lukas Lassooy
  • Kickback Everyday
    Henry Mou
  • Soul & R'n'B Radio
    Harald K Herget
  • Manny Montes, Funky, Alex Zurdo, Yariel y Omy
    Daniel Celis
  • First Let Me Hop Out
    Courtney Direnzo
  • Talk dirty to me
    Patricia Rogers
  • Heart Break Club
  • Pangarap Lang Kita
    Pauline Cervantes
  • For Sex 😈
    Jefferson Barbosa
    José Manuel Villar
  • 10/10
    William Xiong
  • LUSH
    Charlie Missing
  • YG — Bicken Back Being Bool
    David Potter
  • Bands to make her dance
    Kitty Lam
  • Vibes Don't Lie
    Guillaume Viau
  • All Time Pop Hits
    Rizza Mancenido