Summer Chillout

Summer Chillout


Meet Jörn, a 29 year old Spotify playlist curator from Düsseldorf, Germany.
The playlist mainly consists of relaxed (deep) house songs aimed at creating a chilled out atmosphere. Specifically for enjoying the sun outside I believe it is the perfect companion.


What can you tell us about your playlist and you?

 I personally like to listen to the playlist being on the balcony, having a drink (or two). As to my person: I like sports, (used to) play field hockey quite a lot and of course like to listen to music, specifically as counterbalance to my studies (law) as I am currently trying to finish my PhD studies.


What made you make this playlist?

 One summer I was looking for the perfect playlist that would accompany me and my friends to the lake, the parks nearby or basically anywhere where one could enjoy the sun and the summer. As I didn't find anything that perfectly fit my ideas I started collecting my own songs and little by little the playlist grew. Funny enough, a friend and me started a challenge who could gather the most followers with our new playlists. I was actually surprised about the good reception the playlist got.