Meet Nicoleta, a Spotify playlist curator from The Netherlands.
“Don't even try listening to this playlist without being naked, pal”


What inspired you to make this playlist?

Haha that’s an interesting story😜
So I remember it was January 2017 when I discovered a bunch of songs that I just fell in love with so I decided to make a playlist (I was also a newbie on Spotify so I barely even knew how to create one 😂).
It had 20-30 songs and all of them had this showery vibe and initially it had like a really boring name - (Shower Music I think). Then a week or two later I was in the shower and I realized that the name was too boring for me 😂 - so that’s how I came with the word sexy. Then I was like “Sexy Shower” doesn’t sound that good and then bingo Sexy Bath - that’s the good stuff. I honestly never would expect that people would find it and follow it (not even in my wildest dreams). I also didn’t really know how Spotify worked and as a result I also didn’t know that the playlist was public 😂😂🤣. A month later just by mistake I saw boom 2 followers when my account didn’t have any and I was like Holy Moly and then I when I got to 5 followers I started to promote it to friends and people I would meet to the point where my name and Sexy Bath are synonyms ♥️


What are some of your favorite tracks on the playlist?

1) Nao- Inhale exhale
2) Parcels - Anotherclock
3) Raving George - You’re Mine