Paved Paradise

Paved Paradise


Meet Bailey, a 22 year old Spotify playlist curator from Cleveland, Ohio.
“I am a graphic designer for the Cleveland Cavaliers. You can check out some of my design work at I'm a big sneakerhead. You can follow me on Instagram @baileymincer."

Describe your playlist. Perfect setting(s) for vibing out to it include:

Summer time, calm hang out.

What was the best concert you've ever attended?

Odesza... I saw them at a music festival and at a headline concert and both were great. Their concerts are more than music - it's a show and an experience. Plus the music is good too.

Last concert you attended?

Sugarland at the Calgary Stampede with my family.

Who are your all-time favorite artists:

ayokay, Chance the Rapper, Chelsea Cutler

Name one of your favorite albums of all time:

Coloring Book by Chance the Rapper, I loved every song on the album and there was so much variety and substance in the songs that I was able to listen to it over and over for so long.

Name a song (or songs) you are currently listening to on repeat:

Woozy by OnCue, Mess by Chelsea Cutler, The Rage by Kid Cudi

Who's your favorite new artist(s) that you'd encourage other people to check out? 

Chelsea Cutler. She sings and produces all her own music. Her voice is raw and her lyrics are real.