Moving House Playlist

Moving House Playlist


Meet Natalie, a 29 year old Spotify playlist curator from London, UK.
It ranges from ABBA to Fountains of Wayne and everything in between.


What can you tell us about your playlist and you?

-  The playlist is a mixture of songs from my adolescence and early adulthood to keep me motivated. As a secondary music teacher, it’s something of a guilty pleasure to listen to.


What made you make this playlist?

-  We were going through a stressful time and having to move house. We created and played this to keep us packing our belongings.


Who are some of your favorite new and upcoming artists?

-  Not new but listening to the folk artist Heidi Talbot.


What are your current dreams and aspirations?

 - To become a professional classical singer


Who are your biggest influences or inspirations?

- Sara Bareilles, Janet Baker, and Alan Menken