Hockey Music

Hockey Music


Meet Cory, a 22 year old Spotify playlist curator from Maple Grove, MN, US.
The playlist name is called Hockey Music. It consists of everything I play at hockey games which is mostly Rock, Classic Rock, and EDM. It also includes some Pop, Hip-hop, and Rap


What can you tell us about your playlist and you?

- My name is Cory Prekker and I DJ for the University of Minnesota Duluth Division 1 Men's and Women's Hockey Teams. I am currently in my 4th season with UMD right now. My hockey music playlist was started when I started running music for youth and high school hockey games.


What made you make this playlist?

-  I use to run everything off of spotify but then I switched over to specialized software for music in sports about a year before I started DJing for UMD. What keeps me running this playlist today is a way of me organizing the songs I have versus don't have and allowing to share my music with other UMD fans, hockey fans, and people in general as well.


What are your current dreams and aspirations?

 - One of my dreams would be to DJ for a NHL or NFL team or even just one NHL or NFL game. I would have so much fun pumping up a crowd of 18,000 or 70,000 people.


Who are your biggest influences or inspirations?

- My biggest inspiration in life would be my former hockey goalie trainer back in high school Zach Sikich. I've learned so many life lessons from him and the biggest one I took away was no matter what you do, always work hard for what you want and keep trying to catch the next big thing. For music inspirations, I always followed what the Minnesota Wild would play at their games and shazam songs as they arise, whether that would be through the TV or at the game in person. Even before I was DJing for UMD, I absolutely loved what they played in the arena to engage their crowd. Once I got my DJ gig and the fact that I was able to see what they do, I started to research and find songs on my own and sometimes I coincidentally picked songs that they also played as well.