Everytime, i hear this groove...

Everytime, i hear this groove...
Everytime, i hear this groove...


Meet Rebecca Dickson, 21 years old, from Belfast, Northern Ireland.
"I made the playlist because at the time my friends and I were going to a lot of concerts and festivals and wanted a feel good dance playlist to listen to while getting ready! We all love a good dance and a party and nothing gets the mood right more than a good solid dance playlist!"

What is your favorite genre of music? Why? 

I think it’s very hard for me to have a favourite genre because I really do listen to every type of music! I’ll go from 60s classics, to old school hip hop / R&B, to country and dance music! I just love music as a whole and would really listen to anything!

Who is your all time favorite artist? Why? 

My favourite artist changes depending on what genre I’m feeling! But my favourite at the moment is Khalid, although his style of music doesn’t match my playlist the feel good vibes from his music really does make me wanna have a wee dance and makes me sing with a smile on my face!