Electro Chillout Lounge

Electro Chillout Lounge


Meet Michi, a Spotify playlist curator from Germany.
“I just wanted to collect some sounds, not very noisy, but also not too boring. Something in between that’s cool for relaxed listening and having a good time. As I started the playlist, I didn’t know what exactly it would be. I just tried out. 🙂”


What are some of your favorite tracks on the playlist?

I like some of the less know songs most. I think they deserve more attention. For example "Looped" by Kiasmos, "On Trees and Birds and Fire" by I am Oak and "Gruene Wiese" by Nico Pusch.


Anything else you want people to know?

I'm just happy to see other people enjoying my playlist like I do. So, thanks for following and listening and feel free to try my other playlists, too. You may possibly discover more pleasure. 😉