Come & Get Your Love

Come & Get Your Love


Meet Dárika, a Spotify playlist curator from Mexico.
“This playlist has songs that I like but also songs that other people dedicated to me. It's like a timeline”


What inspired you to make this playlist?

I ended a 5 year relationship with my girlfriend, I'm gay. I was really sad. I saw my girlfriend with another person and I felt sad for like 3 months. I was really depressed about it, but one day I just felt different. Something had changed in my mood and I started to listen new music. 

Then I met a girl, and I felt something, and I realized "Oh, I can feel something again" so I began to listen music about love. I felt in that moment that I really believe in love and can find it one I made the playlist.


What are some of your favorite tracks on the playlist?

- Lluvia - Baltazar
- Til Kingdome Come - Coldplay
- Come on Eileen - Dexys
- I Want to Break Free (I was obsessed with this song after I broke up hahaha)
- Baby I'm Yours (because this one the first song my actual girlfriend dedicated to me)
- Can't Take My Eyes Off of You (super corny I know haha)