American Woman

American Woman


Meet Kelly, a 37 year old Spotify playlist curator from Tacoma, Washington.
American Woman is varied! Everything from Elvis to CCR, from AC/DC to Tom Petty, some 80's hair bands and beyond.


What can you tell us about your playlist and you?

-  As for me, I'm a married mom of two boys. I'm a paralegal by day, and try to spend as much free time as possible seeing live music! I'm now trying to pass that love onto my kids.


What made you make this playlist?

-  I wanted to be able to hit "shuffle" and be stoked on every single song that came on! It started with me adding songs as I heard them on the radio, or at dinner or at the bar. It's been a labor of love!


Who are some of your favorite new and upcoming artists?

-  Right now I'm in a place where I'm listening to a lot of Lord Huron, The Lumineers, and The Head and the Heart. Good, good music.


What are your current dreams and aspirations?

 - When I retire, I would honestly love to travel around and see as many shows as I can. Whether it's in a dark bar, or a sold out stadium, live music is where it's at!


Who are your biggest influences or inspirations?

- I've always thought the Red Hot Chili Peppers are an outstanding group who do a lot of good out in the world, as well as put on a kick-ass show!