Why Lightning In a Bottle is The Festival You’re Going to This Year

   Lightning in a Bottle has just released its 2019 lineup, and new location which gives us two MORE reasons to take the euphoric plunge. Not only is LIB stacked with great and eclectic artists from Disclosure to Masego, but it is also embodies what a true music festival should be by creating a culture unique to any other festival. Take part in visionary discussions, food and wellness workshops, painting, yoga and meditation, and tons of other interactive experiences all surrounding a celebration of music and of life.

   The interactive experiences fully immerse you into this world apart from reality, and drives you to appreciate music with all five senses. This year the LIB Grand Artique will be back for its eighth year in a row and you will be transported back to Frontierville or as I like to call it “adult Disneyland.” Incorporated in these experiences and all throughout the festival, are amazing and colossal installations brought to you by the Do Art Foundation. This non-profit organization is responsible for the larger than life art that will have you mesmerized the minute you step onto the grounds.

   Speaking of grounds, if the experience alone isn’t enough to help convince you than maybe LIB’s new location Buena Vista Lake, in Kern County, California can. Last week the festival instagram released a video of their new home and I just about fell to the floor. The canvas is green, grassy, and open, with trees dispersed all over for added shade. Many die hard LIB goers were worried that the new location might not have the added lake component it has had in years past, but luckily that’s not the case. In fact, in comparison to the algae ridden excuse for a body of water that was present last year, Buena Vista looks like a five-star lake retreat.

   Between all of this, the incredible variety and quality of food, and LIB’s green initiative, there isn’t anything more I’d need from this festival. Although it doesn’t have the same big names as your Coachella’s and Lollapalooza’s of the world, I promise the music will not disappoint. I can confidently say it is some of the best live music I’ve ever seen, and I learned a lot about my music taste and discovery.

Check out the LIB website for the full lineup and more information.

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