Music Really is Medicine

Music has been around since the beginning of time and sometimes it seems to be one of the only activities everyone can agree on. It is safe to say we have all heard someone say "music is medicine," but studies show that is actually a fact and there are serious benefits for the health and wellbeing of humans in various ways.

Music serves as a healthy distraction. With that being said, when listeners are dealing with painful circumstances such as post surgery, or working out, music can help the brain focus on the music and also block pain pathways which eases discomfort.

Also, recently Doctors treating patients will Alzheimers are now using music to help them remember things. Studies show listening to music from certain time periods can help listeners to remember events from that time. 

Furthermore, music releases endorphins and also promotes the release of dopamine. Both of them help depression and anxiety.  Music is helpful in so many ways, don't be afraid to have a dance party or two in your room, it has been proven to help keep your sanity!


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