J. Cole Comments on The White Hyper-Consumption of Black Pop Culture in ‘Middle Child’ Video

The rapper who released his song ‘Middle Child’ back in January, just dropped the song’s accompanying video to the masses. The video is both intensely cinematic and carries a powerful statement.

It starts off with dark imagery of what looks like an all-black audience behind Cole celebrating as the lights flicker and smoke creeps up around them. From here the camera darkens and opens up to the same cinematic feel, except now Cole is in what looks to be in a Law and Order SVU-like morgue setting with dirt covered corpses. This dark, light flickering, dirt-filled scenery continues through the next two scenes until we start to understand the underlying message of the video.

The video commentary begins to come to a LITERAL head when it depicts three heads of rappers mounted above the fireplace with the labels "Your Favorite Rapper," followed by "This Could Be You," and "Ask For A Feature."

The subtle commentary makes a splash with the ending scene where a white woman/ consumer is walking down an aisle of a grocery store and browsing through a frozen meat selection of black heads. This same woman had been seen in the previous scene coveting a black woman’s “baby hairs,” a hair trend many white people replicated and made viral. Through this imagery, we can infer that Cole was trying to make his stance on the commercialization and hyper-consumption of black culture.

The video, which was directed by rapper King Mez, can be seen here.

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