DJ Elton John

Elton John’s Spotify playlist is as eclectic as it gets. With the playlist starting off with songs like Offset's “Lick." a track off his solo album, Father of 4, all the way to country pop ballads such as Miley Cyrus and Mark Robson’s “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart," it goes to show you cannot put John’s musical taste in a box.

His vast taste includes all genres, ages, moods, and in between.  Fresh teens such as Billie Eilish with her soothing track "come out and play" make an appearance halfway through the playlist with a rare Tame Impala feature with Theophilus London just a couple songs down. 

Other artists on the Elton John Loves list include James Blake, Rosie Lowe, Todd Edwards, and The Beaches. 

Elton John's playlist is a mood all around for anyone and everyone . it is a great place to find a wide range of storytelling and good vibes. Here is the link to the ever-changing playlist below:


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