If you haven't discovered the YouTube sensation of a channel, "COLORS," I am surprised it has not discovered you. This new age colorful channel has become one of the best ways to discover music ever since its beginnings in 2016. 

COLORS motto is "all colors and no genres" and sticks to that all the way through. It is a place artists can showcase themselves with no confines to genres or tradition musically. Many artists showcased are fusing more than one genre together and creating a space for new and evolving sound in music today. 

Visually, it is creative and unique, yet simple. Each artist or group performs in a colorful room which usually just a microphone, doing different renditions of their songs or unreleased tracks. It is aesthetically pleasing to watch as each artist gets a unique color, making the frame pop.

The Youtube channel is undeniably keeping playlists fresh and new all over the world. It is the new destination to find the hottest new artists, as they showcase even the smallest artists whom often have little following, which is an amazing opportunity. With 3,000,000 subscribers, It allows the upcoming artist to show themselves to a loyal and mass audience. Check them out!


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