Boy’s We’re Getting The Band Back Together

The Jonas Brothers who split up back in 2013, are dropping their first single in over five years tomorrow. The single is called “Sucker,” and the 13-year-old girl in me is geeking out, but I am also quite intrigued at what kind of sound they are going to come out with after marriages, solo careers, and whatever else Kevin was up to (like raising his two children). After Nick’s two-hit album solo career, and Joe’s success with his band DNCE, the time has come for the boys to rejoin forces.


Rumors that the band may be reuniting started when the Jonas Brothers socials went black, and fans started to speculate. Well now those rumors are confirmed as of this morning, and the brothers will first appear on the James Gordon’s The Late Late Show on Monday for a week-long takeover, including the show’s infamous “Carpool Karaoke.”


The band originally cut ties back in October of 2013 due to disagreements of the band’s musical direction, but now after years of self-exploration, the brother’s are back on the same track, literally.

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